How to Upload Picture

Instructions on how to upload picture

If uploading pictures is difficult, please go over the listed instructions on how to upload your picture. For best result, please follow the instruction on size of the uploaded pictures. 

STEP 1: To upload the images of your desired suit, you must first go to the PLACE ORDER tab:

How to 2

STEP 2:  Find the Upload Image and click on the “Choose File” button:

Capture choose file

STEP 3:  When you click on the “Choose File” button:

  • You will have to go to the folder on your computer where you saved the picture of your desired suit

(example: This PC/Documents/my order suit)

  • You will than select the picture and click on the  “Open” button

Picture must be: 800 x 600 minimum size and jpg, png, or bmp style.

Capture order

STEP 4:  Once you select and open the saved picture, it will take a few minutes for the picture to upload (please be patient):

Capture of upload