Shipping & delivery

Here you can find the most FAQs about shipping (times and prices) and delivery:

What is the delivery time for my order?

The average delivery time is 3 weeks from the date of payment.

Our 3 weeks delivery promise covers the time we receive payment for your order to when we dispatch it. It applies to customers with completed measurement profiles with Suitich. Our delivery promise applies to orders that do not have the following holds which may delay production: incomplete measurements, measurement discrepancies, payment issues, customization errors and/or holds as requested by the customer. Suitich orders placed on hold as determined by Suitich do not qualify for the 3 week promise.

Do you ship packages to P.O. boxes?

We’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. Suitich will ship your order via a recognized carrier and will notify you once your order has been shipped. Delivery requires a signature and USA customers shall be responsible of coordinating and accepting delivery from the carrier.

My order is missing an item, what should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service, and we will respond to you within the 24 hours to determine what is the issue and how it can be resolved.